Thursday, February 28, 2008


Today is Bailey's 10th birthday. How did he celebrate? By going to the doctor and having a cyst removed from under his eye. Poor baby! He is so groggy, he didn't even want to eat dinner, let alone enjoy some Frosty Paws! Maybe this weekend he will get to have a party.

We went to a Hospice fundraiser at The Natoma tonight and everyone kept telling us we needed to update the blog - so here you go!! We have been pretty busy lately. We are getting ready to put the house on the market so we spent last weekend cleaning the basement. It feels really good to get all of the junk out of there! It is amazing what you can collect over an 11-year span!! Now, we just need to get the mildew and spiderwebs cleaned up - I think Kel's allergies will be much improved once that project is done! It probably won't be ready to list until the Spring, though, because there is some outdoor painting and concrete work that needs to be done, as well. At least we have a plan, though, so we are making progress!

Well, it is time for bed. One of my favorite contestants got voted off American Idol tonight (17 year old, Alaina), so I am not very happy, but I am sure I will get over it. They still aren't as good as Kelly Clarkson anyway!! :)


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Reba/Kelly Concert

Last night was so much fun!! As we previously told you, we went to see Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson in Indianapolis last night. The concert was AMAZING - I think it is one of the best I have ever seen! (Of course, I am a little biased since they are my 2 favorite singers!!) In any event, if you have ever watched the TV show, Reba, you know Barbra Jean - her real name is Melissa Peterman and she is also a standup comedienne and she opened for them. She was hysterical!

Our seats were in the 7th row - courtesy of the KC Fanclub!!

After Melissa was done, there was a brief intermission and then, the night really began! Kelly & Reba spent the next 2 hours on the stage - together!! I think they sang a total of 25 or more songs - mostly together, but sometimes, one would sing and the other would be a backup singer. I tried to get some good pics, but most of them are kinda blurry because our camera is not the best - I really need to splurge and get me a good one for future events. If I can ever get my video working, I will post the 1 video I took of "Fancy" - but for now, here are some of the pics.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Deb's Birthday/Super Bowl Sunday

Well, I haven't posted anything since we created our blog; so today's the day. Today is Deb's birthday: the big 36. She opened her gifts first thing this morning and I think she liked everything she got: a portable DVD player, Pink's Miz Understood CD and Reba's Love Revival CD. I usually can't go wrong if Reba or Kelly Clarkson is a gift item! We enjoyed our meal at the Surly Girl Saloon last night. I especially enjoyed the Surly Temple's as did Julie! She liked them so much that Kim had to drive us back to their house! :) It was packed by the time we left so get there early on a Saturday night. I'm looking forward to watching the Super Bowl tonight. And yes, I'm rooting for the Patriots. And yes it's because I like Tom Brady. Mike Vrabel, former Ohio State Buckeye also plays for the Patriots. No Buckeyes play for the Giants, so I'm going for the Pats. I think its going to be a lot closer than what everyone thinks. As you know, this weekend is the Kelly Clarkson and Reba concert in Indianapolis. Deb thinks she can sneak in our video recorder and get some footage. I'm not so sure and I just hope they don't confiscate our recorder! Anyway, if she's successful I'm sure she'll post the footage. By the way Yankee fans; spring training for pitchers and catchers starts in 12 days! GO YANKEES!


Friday, February 1, 2008

First Day of February

Not much going on - it is the 1st day of February and as Ohio weather does, we had freezing rain this morning, it warmed up to almost 40 this afternoon, and now it is snowing! Two days to the Super Bowl - I'm not all that excited. I don't want New England to go undefeated, so I am rooting for the Giants, but I could really care less! I think Kelly wants New England to win - she likes Tom Brady - even though he went to Michigan!! This year, the Super Bowl is on my birthday. We are celebrating my b-day tomorrow night with Julie and Kim - they are taking us to a restaurant where we have never been - Surly Girl Saloon. They say it is a neat place and the food is excellent, so we are taking their word for it!! Next weekend is Kelly Clarkson and Reba in Indianapolis!! I CANNOT WAIT!!! My 2 favorite singers on 1 stage - I will be in heaven!! Well, Kelly just got home from work, so I am going to go for now!