Saturday, April 4, 2009

NKOTB - Take 2!

Last night was the New Kids concert - it was as fun as the first! This time, we were joined by Kel's Mom, who took the place of her sister since Cathy just had knee surgery and couldn't go. Also joining us were our friend, Kim Fair, and her aunt Mel. Kim went to H.S. with us and she was with us when we went to the Ohio State Fair to see the New Kids back in 1989 - 20 years ago - how time flies!!

Anyway, we started the night at Spaghetti Warehouse - I love that place! Our Host was strange and tried to seat us at the wrong table, but he assured us that his map was messed up and that was the problem (not that he was just an idiot!!). Anyway, once we got straightened out and realized we were at table 203 and NOT 202, we were good to go!
We missed the opening act - it was some young, up and coming artist that none of us heard of, so it was no biggie.

New Kids performed - pretty much the same concert that we saw in Cleveland, but they changed it up some - it was great! Lots of energy in the crowd and again - floor to ceiling - EVERYONE was standing throughout the concert! Crowd participation was at its best!! My kind of concert!!

The fun really began when we left the concert. We entered the parking garage at the same spot we drove in. Rode the elevator up and low and behold - NO CAR!! We walked around for a few minutes and we finally found it - across a concrete barrier. No problem, right? We would simply walk down around the corner and get to it! We walked around the corner - NO CAR!! What??? We went back up - there it was! It was the craziest thing!! We could see it, but we couldn't get to it! I STILL don't know how we were supposed to get to it. I finally climbed the wall and drove down to the bottom where everyone met me!! We must have spent 20 minutes in that garage trying to get to the car!! If that situation didn't provide for a good enough laugh, the next event did! When we got to the attendant, she asked for the ticket which had fallen into a crevice between the dashboard and the windshield. They spent at least 10 minutes trying to dig it out (as opposed to just waving us through since we had already paid!!) I have NEVER been in a parking garage where it was so difficult to get out!! We laughed halfway home about that!!
Here are some pics and a video! Enjoy!!


Mary, Kim & Mel gettin ready!

Kel trying to get the ticket!