Saturday, May 30, 2009

Starwberries on the Sqaure...

Well, its that time of year again! The annual Strawberries on the Square Festival in downtown Newark. Its a weekend of fair-style food, carnival rides and local entertainment. We're not talking Ohio State Fair status but its kinda of tradition here in Licking County. Deb and her office mates always head over at lunchtime on Friday and then she and I hit it over the weekend. We headed over today and it was a gorgeous afternoon. It was sunny but not too hot and there was a nice breeze. Needless to say; I put on quite an eating exhibition! Started out with a steak burger, then moved on to french fries. We then headed straight to the strawberry shortcake stand and ate away. For some reason I was still a little hungry - scary isn't it - so I finished up with a corn dog! By the time we got home, I needed a Pepcid and 2 tums! We ran into our friends Kim and Mel so we spent some time together eating and laughing as we people watched. We hadn't seen them since the NKOTB concert. My friend Tracy was working the strawberry shortcake stand so I snapped a few pictures of her in action. All in all, it was a nice afternoon. Getting ready to settle in for the night and hopefully watch the Cavs win Game 6!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Attention All Dog Lovers!

I am helping my friend Anne find a home for a precious and sweet dog. The poor guy was found by my friend's daughter at a soccer field. He was thin and hungry and had obviously been abandoned. He's been stying with Anne and her kids for the past 3 weeks or so but they can't keep him as they are renting their home and no pets are allowed. They've named him Pete and he looks like a black lab mix. Anne says he is the friendliest dog she's ever been around and is very lovable. As you'll see from the pictures I've posted; he is great with kids and would make a wonderful family pet. He loves the water and spent several hours swimming over the Memorial Day holiday. Anne thinks he may be around 2 years old and he all ready knows several commands. Pete even goes to the door when he needs to go outside! He's been staying in the garage during the day and sleeps with one of the kids at night. "Sweet Pete" also spent time with other family dogs on the holiday weekend and got along with them wonderfully. If you or someone you know is interested; please respond to this post as I'll be checking it daily. Anne hates to give him up and she hopes to find him a safe and loving home. Please help Pete if you can! Thanks!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Post Memorial Day Update...

Greetings everyone! I know its been a while since our last post - we're not as quick at it as some people! Well, we made our trip to Erie, PA with Julie and Kim and it was a GREAT time! We did find some beach glass which was the main focus of our journey. Kim found the best piece of all - a big, bright yellow piece of round glass. It looked like a giant lemon drop! I did find a very small piece of red which is the rarest color to find, so I was pretty proud even if you need a magnifying glass to see it!! :) I've included some pics of our findings and of the two restaurants we ate at as well.
Monday was of course Memorial Day and Deb and I spent all day with friends out at Buckeye Lake. We took an awesome pontoon boat ride and of course ate and drank until our hearts were content! It was a GREAT day and we can't wait until next year! I've included a photo of Mama Cardinal sitting on her nest which she conveniently built in our clematis! She's a little hard to see but if you look real close and in the middle; you'll see her red beak. We only saw one baby and two other eggs in the nest, however, we think she may have abandoned the remaining eggs.:( Hopefully she just moved them to a different locale!
We're off to Cincinnati the weekend of June 5th so our next update will be highlights of that trip! Take care!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Update

A lot has happened since the NKOTB concert - there has been Easter, Mother's Day, and of course, the 1st day of Spring! YAY!!! I am ready for some warm, sunny weather!! I won't bore you with the past - if you keep up with facebook, you know most of it already anyway. I have posted some pics below of our daffodil that bloomed - isn't it pretty? We didn't plant it and have no idea how it got there, but it has bloomed the last couple of years - I call it our "rogue daffodil"! LOL!! Also pictured is Kelly, her sister, and her Mom on Mother's Day. We treated her Mom to a delicious buffet at the Granville Inn. My Mom is in Myrtle Beach, so she got a phone call! :) Finally, and most interestingly, I have posted a pic of the owl that we spotted on our driveway a few nights ago. Isn't that a hoot??? (cheap pun, I know!)

Coming up we have some exciting trips. This weekend, we are setting out on a journey to find us some beach glass. For those of you who have never watched the travel channel, some lady was collecting beach glass on a show we were watching and we (well, Kelly and Kim) decided it would be neat to try and find some for some crafts. I'm looking forward to this adventure with Kim & Julie to Erie, PA and hopefully, we will find some glass. If not, I am sure we will have loads of fun anyway!!

The first weekend in June we are setting off for a weekend getaway to Cincinnati where we will be taking in a Cubs v. Reds game, probably stopping by the Newport Aquarium, and hopefully, getting to see Kel's "Aunt" Lorna who has been very sick. We are looking forward to that weekend because it is the first time in a very long time we have gotten "out of dodge", so to speak!

Then, of course, there is the family trip to Vegas in July. We can't wait for that!! We will try to keep the blog updated, but if you get tired of waiting, jump over to Facebook!