Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Well, another Labor Day Weekend has passed and now summer is officially over - although it doesn't feel like it with these 90 degree days!! As some of you know, Kel and I joined my family for our annual Labor Day Weekend Camping & Canoe Trip. This was Kel's first year attending the outing and we brought the dogs along. I was so impressed with the way they behaved - they didn't bark at other dogs, they got along great with their cousins, Gretel and Todd, and for the most part, they stayed with us at the campsite without being tied up. Bailey had a little problem with his hips and he hobbled around quite a bit, but if we could get him to rest, he did ok.

The canoe trip was fun, although long - it was only 9-1/2 miles, but because we haven't had any rain, the river was low and we ran into a lot of rocks which slowed us way down! It took us about 4-1/2 hours to finish and Kelly tipped our canoe! Now, she has been spreading false rumors about the reason the canoe tipped and I am here to set the record straight! We had run into rocks and so we had to get out and drag the canoe over them. She got back into the canoe and I was still standing in the river trying to straighten the boat out before I got back in. I'm not sure what happened from there - I heard her scream, turned around and watched the boat tip over and pour her into the river!! She claims I was trying to get in the boat and tipped it -which is absolutely, 100% false!! :)
In any event, the weekend was fun - we had a lot of good food and shared a bunch of family stories around the campfire. Kel says she probably won't come back because her allergies can't take it between the campfire, the straw we put down, and the other outside elements. She was a mess by Sunday and the meds just weren't cutting it! I'm hoping to talk her in to at least coming back next year for the canoe trip, but we will see!!

Here are some pics from the weekend!