Friday, March 6, 2009

Addicted to Facebook!

Ok - so the blog has taken a backseat to Facebook - at least for me. I am finding it hard to keep up to date with all of my television shows AND the computer sites and the blog is losing the battle. In any event, here I am now. The Final 13 is set for American Idol and there isn't a single contestant that stands above the others yet. Right now, I guess I am rooting for Alison, Danny, and Anoop. That could all change in a heartbeat though! I am MOST excited cuz Kelly Clarkson's new CD drops this coming Tuesday, March 10th. I have listened to most of the tracks on Youtube and with the exception of a couple songs, it is really great! I have already pre-ordered it on itunes and plan to make a trip to Target or Walmart on Tuesday to pick up the actual CD. I know, I am a little obsessed with my girl KC, but in my book, she ROCKS!! She is also scheduled to perform on AI and Good Morning America next week, so the DVR is set!

Since the last blog entry, Baxter is doing much better now that his pain meds have taken effect. He is still a little gimpy at times, but he is doing pretty well. He still can't jump much, but that might not be a bad thing.

As many of you know (if you read my facebook), Kelly has purchased a new car. I have posted a couple of pics below. It is a 2008 Subaru Outback and it is much nicer than her Jeep which was one of the most uncomfortable vehicles I have ever rode in!

We have booked our trip to Las Vegas with my family in July. We are staying at the Flamingo for 4 nights. I know it will be the heat of summer, but I really can't wait!! It should be a lot of fun.

That is all I can think of for now. Again, here are the pics of Kel's new car and also, some random pics from my birthday at Moretti's and lunch for Kel's stepmom & stepsister at City Barbecue last month. If you can't wait between blogs, join Facebook and request to be my friend!